10 Inspirational Moments from Howard’s Gift, by Eric Sinoway

1. Your business plan for life begins with you thinking about your life first. What would you like your kids to say about you at your funeral?

2. Always remember that it’s impossible to get an A+ in every dimension of your life at the same time.

3. An inflection point is an event that will fundamentally change how you think and act. When it happens, grab it and figure out how to proceed.

4. Be really very, very explicit about your bets – know why you’re doing what you’re doing.

5. Don’t reward results instead reward performance, which is skills + effort. Results are often just performance + luc

6. Satisfaction is easier to control then success – it’s ashamed to be very successful and unhappy.

7. Wealth is a real responsibility – what you do with it is what really matters.

8. Learn to manage risk – Outcome + Uncertainty. Start to reduce the unpredictable factors by untangling the whole so you can see the tree and not fear the entire forest.

9. Everyone’s outside often looks better than your own inside – build a personal board of directors with the explicit skills that you lack.

10. Plan for the ripple, not just the splash.

Advice: Live life forward – nothing that has happened in the past can derail your future.

Reflection: What do you want your kids to say about you at your funeral?

Click here to listen to the 33voices interview with Eric Sinoway.


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