“As someone who gives money but does not like to raise money, I came away from this book with a very different perspective about how fundraising works. As Howard Stevenson points out, it can give both the donor and the fundraiser a sense of achievement, significance, legacy and happiness, as they engage one another in the process of asking for and giving money. Howard’s joy in fundraising is infectious, and his book is engaging and actionable.”
 – Ray Gilmartin, former Chairman, President & CEO, Merck & Company

“Over many years, I have read many books about fundraising. Almost all of them were written by professional fundraisers. None were written by donors. Howard Stevenson has made the money, donated the money, and helped raise more. This is a very unusual convergence, almost unique.
- Dick Spangler, former Chair, National Gypsum and the University of North Carolina

“As Howard Stevenson outlines so brilliantly, though fund-raising is both art and science, there is a method at the heart of every ‘ask.’ This book is essential for anyone who has to ask for anything. In a totally accessible and nuanced volume, Stevenson presents in clear detail the steps necessary for success. Your prospects will read this… you should, too.”
- Mark Edwards, President, Edwards & Company and Executive Director, Opportunity Nation                                                     

Stevenson’s deep understanding of organizations and human motivation have contributed to his amazing success as a fundraiser for a variety of institutions and he shares his wisdom in this gem of a book. The message is clear: real success as an entrepreneurial fundraiser lies in identifying the unique opportunities presented by potential donors. This approach emphasizes the cultivation of donor-partners in ways that bring major gifts and extraordinary personal satisfaction. Board members and CEOs of nonprofits should read-and share-this essential guide to fundraising leadership in the 21st century.”
Paula Barker Duffy, VP, Valid Sources Inc., and former publishing executive

 “Stevenson’s enthusiasm and sense of the honor of the calling of being a fundraiser – one of the great opportunities of a professional life, as he presents it – permeate this book. It is a personal and intimate account that will profoundly affect how people who read it – and people who are struggling to be good fundraisers – think about what they do, why they do it, and how to do it.”
Herman (“Dutch”) Leonard, Professor of Business Administration (Harvard Business School), Professor of Public Sector Management (John F. Kennedy School of Government), and co-chair of the HBS Social Enterprise Initiative

“This book is wonderful. I could REALLY have benefited from reading it before I started at NPR! I looked for something like it when I started as CEO, to no avail. I predict that it will be a ‘must read’ for anyone coming into – or even already in – a nonprofit that raises money.”
Vivian Schiller, Chief Digital Officer, NBC and former CEO, National Public Radio

“Howard Stevenson has written the best book that I have ever read about fund raising. The novice as well as the seasoned veteran will find a wealth of excellent advice on how to, and how not to, approach this vital endeavor. Directors of Development should give a copy to every volunteer.”
William M Polk, Headmaster of Groton School, 1978-2003

“Getting to Giving will be most useful in the three capital campaigns in which I am currently deeply engaged.”
- Paul Haaga, Jr, Chairman, Capital Research and Management

“This is a valuable book for Voluntary and Professional fundraisers, board members of non-profits and donors. Stevenson shares practical proven ideas on fundraising in a friendly, articulate voice and through an Entrepreneurial lens. I highly recommend this timely and important book to any one remotely involved in the world of fundraising.”
Bob Reiss, Founder of R&R Recreational Products and author of “Bootstrapping 101″

 “A truly important book.  I have already referred it to ten organizations.  Immediately readable and practical.
Warren McFarlan, Harvard Business School professor, co-author of “Joining a Nonprofit Board: What You Need To Know”

“Thank you for sharing your insights into fundraising with our community of social entrepreneurs.  Your book and newsletters provide our founders with practical tactics and reminders (“it is not all about you”) that will inform and guide their fundraising efforts.” 
- Christy Chin, Portfolio Manager, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

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