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Fundraising The Entrepreneurial Way

Getting to Giving (G2G) is for people who want to have a significant impact on their world, through philanthropy. We offer nonprofit leadership – volunteers, fundraisers, and executives – as well as donors a new perspective on fundraising, along with valuable techniques and real-life stories. The goal of our book and services is to increase your success at raising money, and convince you that fundraising is rewarding and fun!

Our Team

Deborah Sinay, Howard Stevenson, Shirley SpenceHoward Stevenson is a proud donor and fundraiser. He has served as board chair, board member and trustee of a variety of nonprofit organizations, and helped raise over $1 billion at Harvard Business School and other institutions.  His G2G teammates include Shirley Spence, his Getting to Giving coauthor and consultant; and Deborah Sinay, a seasoned development professional.
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The Fundraising Book

Getting to Giving Fundraising BookGetting to Giving stresses the importance of taking an entrepreneurial approach to fundraising, and understanding donor motivations. Central to the book are the four critical donor questions that every fundraiser must be prepared to answer: Are you doing important work? Are you well managed? Will my gift make a difference? Will the experience be satisfying to me?
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Educational Services

nonprofit consultingG2G is committed to supporting individuals and institutions in the pursuit of their philanthropic goals. Our monthly e-newsletter is designed to stimulate thinking, give you fundraising ideas, and foster a dialogue (sign up here). Our educational services include talks and training delivered through online webinars or live seminars. Our building block approach allows you to focus on or combine any number of fundraising topics. We also offer nonprofit consulting and advisory support.
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First of all, allow me to congratulate you in having an annual report at all; many nonprofits don’t! Those that do make the effort often produce something with lots of pictures and few facts, or take a limited (often internal) perspective. The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Peninsula (BGCP) offers what I consider to be a much better model for annual reporting. Read More

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