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Fundraising How To – Entity Planning

Yes, strategic planning is fodder for many a jokester. And many for-profits as well as nonprofits are less than enamored of or effective at doing it. But solid planning is essential. It reunites the dream with the possibilities. The alternative is the flowchart joke: “and then a miracle happens.” Read More

The Big Picture

For quite some time, a main Getting to Giving theme was that fundraising has to be viewed – and done – with a “whole system perspective.” We constructed a whole “how to” section of processes, to illustrate and expand on that notion. While we ultimately decided to spotlight the four questions, we remain adamant about the importance of taking a whole system approach. Read More

How to Prospect

Here’s a scenario I often – and painfully – find myself part of, as a board member. Development staff, eager to find new prospects, appears at a meeting to “pick our brains.” The inevitable result: a list of the usual suspects. Or they proudly appear with a list of rich people. It’s not hard to find rich people; the trick is finding the right people. Who are natural allies? What are their board involvements, their giving histories, their financial circumstances, even their personal interests? That information is available, with some work. Read More